All of our classes are on and will stay on as we are using the highest possible medical grade disinfectant and cleaning products to keep you guys and the studio as clean as possible. Its not a time to panic but it is a time for everyone of us in the community to think of others and focus on prevention.

Given the state of life right now due to COVID-19, the Coronavirus,
we wanted to send this note to bring awareness of the precautions we are taking for our community at Raw

We are following the CDC Guidelines and WHO Organization to ensure that our space is sanitized, thoroughly cleaned and safe for our Raw Power Yogis

🧤All areas are washed and wiped down with high grade hospital disinfectant 3 times a day with including floor,lockers,benches and door handles
💦 If you are using a studio mat or your own please make sure you have sprayed down with disinfectant before and after to ensure there is no cross contamination.
We suggest buying your own mat you will love it ,its like a new car only better and cheaper

🧽 We have our team deep cleaning the space with high grade medical disinfectant 3 times a day

🧼 As there is a shortage of hand sanitizer in Australia we have disinfectant spray and hand swipes you can use throughout the studio .
We suggest to use upon arrival and departure for the sake of safety within the community.

🤒 If you are feeling under the weather, please stay at home and rest up its not that we

don’t love you… WE DO

   🤗  As much as we hate saying this sorry there cant be be any hugs, or hand shakes but we can air kiss, air hug and air high five
We are here for each and every one of you. If there are ever any concerns please reach out to us.
This is a safe space and we will lend a helping hand + heart.
With Love
The Raw Power Family


Our Raw Power Community is so important
and we want to keep you superheroes safe and strong

Please remember to thoroughly wash your hands (over a 30 seconds gets a gold ️).

Cover your cough with the elbow part of your sleeve to ensure the next thing you touch is clean, and try to keep your hands away from your face.

Just take all the precautions you can so we can make our daily lives as normal as possible

  Big Air Hugs and Kisses