Alex Corvo | Head of Strength and Conditioning
NRMA Insurance Broncos

Alex Corvo | Head of Strength and Conditioning
NRMA Insurance Broncos,

Simon first began instructing yoga to the Broncos in November 2014. Yoga has been extremely beneficial in assisting the team with their recovery from the demands of playing and training and facilitating the regeneration process.

Simon is an awesome instructor and has a real affinity with our boys having been an elite athlete himself. His classes are tailored specifically for the boy’s requirements and his professional, caring nature further strengthens his standing as a practitioner of the highest standards.

The introduction of meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques has helped center our players and reduce any anxiety they maybe experiencing due to the high pressure and stress that comes with being an elite athlete. This was a very new concept to us but now we see the benefits with players being more focused in stressful situations on and off the field

I would recommend Simon for any person or group looking to explore the benefits of yoga.

Jai Hoffman

Jai Hoffman,

Has been my Yoga home for over 3 years. Phenomenal teachers, fantastic energy, all levels welcome. Cannot speak highly enough of Raw Power Yoga .My wife and I knew as soon as we finished our first class that this was our yoga home for life . Just a friendly comforting environment helped improve my yoga practice so much that I did Raws teacher training program and I now am teaching classes .
Thank you Simon and the Raw family

Majella Mc Mahon

Majella Mc Mahon, Mandala Studio Founer

Excellent teachers – you can learn different styles/approaches of yoga from them. Whether you are seeking relaxation, healing or a good workout, there is a class for you. Kudos to Simon for his dedication to providing the best experience for yogis at Raw Power Yoga. You will be challenged and inspired here

Grace Teal

Grace Teal, Happy Client

I live 30 minutes away from this studio (when traffic is good!) but I don’t mind the drive because I know I can always get my yoga fix. All the teachers have been hand picked and chosen for a good reason- they won’t disappoint! My fave classes are the power and flow classes (they offer yin and LSD too). Do yourself a favour and get membership and sign up to their mailing list to get dibs on any workshops, retreats or special classes that are coming up. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi looking to advance your practice or a total beginner and don’t know where to start, or just looking to relax- Raw Power will cater to your needs

Matt Hass Physical Performance Coordinator Brisbane Lions

Matt Hass Physical Performance Coordinator Brisbane Lions,

Over the previous 12 months the Brisbane Lions have experienced the benefits of Yoga with the help of the Raw Power Yoga team. Simon has worked with our players on a weekly basis since the start of pre-season and their level of improvement has been amazing. Not only have I noticed improved flexibility and joint mobility, but also greater levels of strength endurance around their shoulders, spine and hips which flows on to improved posture and gait.Another fantastic benefit is the awareness that Yoga has brought to the players breathing, which not only assists with the poses, but also helps the players to relax and unwind.I have been so impressed by the level of knowledge that the Raw Power Yoga team possess and their ability to apply their skills to an AFL specific population.

Tal Derhy

Tal Derhy,

I’m so incredibly grateful to Simon and the talented gurus at Raw Power Yoga, who so openly share their rich experience of the ultimate union. Raw Power Yoga teachers guide you through an integration of Power yoga and Vinyasa flow, breaking sequences down into simple accessible pieces for all, whether you’re just starting out on your path or well into your personal journey to becoming a yogi. Whilst still being able to keep the mood light and playful right up until the end of each class.This enormous, light-filled gem of a studio, always smells of delicious handmade sweet soy candles, is decorated with an array of indoor plants and features a gigantic mural of the lord Ganesh.
The center regularly invites guest teachers from all over the world who share their wealth of wisdom during specialised workshops.
Do yourself a favour, come down and get involved with Simon and his brilliant team at Raw Power Yoga.
Guaranteed you will fall in love with them all.

Jesper Jenson

Jesper Jenson,

I started my Raw journey without having done any yoga before, but immediately felt a deep connection with the studio, the teachers, the philosophy and the rest of the family. Practicing at Raw have enhanced my focus, decreased my worries and essentially changed my life.
Strong practice, guidance is clear making it suitable for all levels, very knowledgeable teachers allowing you to always enhance your practice, Floyd is there (how many other studios have a Portuguese waterdog with the most beautiful nature attend class?). The timing is always right, make the commitment today.

Ellie Freestone

Ellie Freestone,

From the first time I walked into the studio I knew I was in the right space. Raw power is a beautiful, inspiring and comfortable studio with teachers that are so passionate and filled with energy about what they do. They love seeing their students love yoga as much as they all do. They welcome all walks of life into the studio as long as you have a smile and an openness to do yoga. I’ve got a healthy addiction to Raw power yoga and have not looked back. Simon and the team are pure amazing!!!

Raw Power Yoga
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08:56 16 Mar 20
Has to be the best studio in Brisbane. Simon and his team of instructors are excellent and knowledgeable. Great space and atmosphere. Never a struggle to find parking. Great for beginners and experienced yogis alike!
Claire Patterson
Claire Patterson
11:46 18 Feb 20
I tried a bunch of yoga studies before going to Raw Power - and nothing compares! Even after a couple of years of going to classes regularly it never gets boring.
totally maive
totally maive
02:19 13 Feb 20
It's the only studio I'd go to for a true power yoga experience, the atmosphere is welcoming and so are the teachers.
Libby Forbes
Libby Forbes
06:04 02 Feb 20
Great yoga classes with heaps of sessions available
Gianna Ephraims
Gianna Ephraims
20:49 21 Jan 20
Beautiful studio space to practice in with a great variety of classes. My favourite studio in Brisbane!
Jamila Winter
Jamila Winter
01:43 19 Jan 20
The classes here are consistently fantastic, not only are they well organized and challenging but everyone is incredibly supportive and kind. You can really tailor the classes to your specific needs, if you need a break there's never any judgement or if you want to practice any new poses you are always met with encouragement. Whether you are an aspiring yogi, advanced yogi or somewhere in between the classes at raw power yoga are challenging, fun and you will feel stronger in just a few classes. Not to mention the studio is beautiful.
Beverley Winter
Beverley Winter
00:31 19 Jan 20
If you are contemplating taking a class at Raw..think no more! The atmosphere and classes are wonderful. It’s been challenging for me to find a class where I feel really strong, healthy and well, as I have a bit of arthritis to contend with. I’ve only taken 3 classes and already feel magnificent. Thank you Simon 🙂
Shayne Andrew
Shayne Andrew
09:29 05 Jan 20
The studio is spacious and beautiful. Simon, the owner, has created an awesome community vibe, always greeting you with a smile and making you feel welcome and a part of the studio. There are a variety of awesome classes and instructors to choose from and if you're after strong power yoga class, this is Brisbane's top studio!
Peter Heywood
Peter Heywood
04:28 12 Jun 19
I practised here for three months. If I'm in Brisbane I'll definitely go back. Even though it was brief I learned some stuff and definitely evolved my practice. Instructors adjustments were always intelligent, increased my awareness and, corrected some bad habits that have crept in over time.
Sam Triebels
Sam Triebels
04:36 22 Oct 18
I've been to 3 other yoga studios in Brisbane and Raw Power takes the cake in terms of what I'm looking for...the name delivers, this is power yoga. It's a motivating environment and challenging if you choose it to be. All moves have variations so suit any level yogi. I go to Simon's raw power classes and he focuses on the small details to strengthen all moves which means you get a lot out of the practice i.e. there's always room for improvement. Very cool space too. Highly recommend!
Elaine Hon
Elaine Hon
02:15 22 Oct 18
Nice space, great teachers and good vibes. The power classes really helped me strengthening and conditioning.
Gus Williams
Gus Williams
00:29 22 Oct 18
Best Yoga in Brisbane - hands down. Simon and the crew are top tier yogi instructors for all experience types. The community is very caring and friendly. There is not a yoga place that I have been to that compares to it. Do not go anywhere else.
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher
21:01 19 Oct 18
Awesome teachers & a great community. The studio continuously helps me to get comfortable being uncomfortable. This is both by challenging me to breath through discomfort and to relax after the stresses of life. The owner Simon is very helpful. He’s built a great space for people to grow.
Pierre Elias
Pierre Elias
10:35 11 Feb 18
Incredible experience. Taal is a star. Bravo. Namaste
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Kelly Maasz
Kelly Maasz
Fantastic teachers. I've been practising with Raw Power for years and can definitely recommend them.
Maya Carmi-Veal
Maya Carmi-Veal
I love this studio and everything it has to offer! I’ve been practicing with Simon more than 5 years now and he’s... the best teacher I’ve ever had.read more
Anne Christine
Anne Christine
I have been attending classes here since the New Year and am enjoying the friendly encouraging atmosphere with all age... groups and abilities. Nice big airy studio and a variety of times for classes are appealing features too😊read more

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