Raw Power Yoga Teachers

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Simon Kerle – Raw Power Founder

Simon’s journey into yoga began in 2011. With numerous businesses at the time, high stress and past injuries from an 18 year professional basketball career, a practitioner recommended he start a regular yoga practice. Already placing health and wellbeing as a priority in his life, Simon was drawn to the power and the balance yoga presented to him, both physically and emotionally. As a Health and Fitness Professional, Simon realised that yoga could give others the same benefits he was experiencing and wanted to share this. With a strong athletic background from 18 years in Professional International Basketball, he found yoga to be the perfect compliment to his active lifestyle. Simon teaches a style of power yoga that will keep your body moving and challenged throughout the entire class. You want to be upside down, you got it! Arm balances? They are yours. He loves helping to create healthy minds and strong healthy bodies. His students include s some of the most successful professional sporting teams in Australia, the Brisbane Broncos,Brisbane Lions and the QLD Firebirds, world former dual Australian Rugby League and Union Representative Mat Rogers, International Model, TV Personality and Best-selling Author Chloe Maxwell, NBL Coach of the Year Joey Wright and Matt Nielsen, Australian Olympic Basketball Captain and many more. Two words to describe his classes: “Blissfully Powerful.”

Leanne Gerich

Canadian-born yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist and TCM practitioner. Now based in Australia, Leanne teaches an impressive 20+ yoga classes/wk ranging from vinyasa, power, aerial, hatha, yin, meditation, specialty workshops and basically anything else you can think of. Health and wellbeing is her true passion and she draws from her extensive 8 years study in Health, Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her teachings include a soothing blend of creative sequencing and playful explorations to take you on a journey and soften back in to yourself. Leave her classes feeling elevated yet extremely focused for your day ahead.


Sally is a Qualified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and currently studying counselling. Sally has been working in the health & wellness field for the last 12years and have worked in many places around the country offering Yoga, Massage & Healing. Sally trained and qualified as a Yoga Teacher in Ropa India with the Himalayan Yoga Institute specializing in Raja Dhiraja Yoga which is a fully comprehensive style of Hatha yoga. I completed my advanced Yoga teacher training in Australia with Byron Yoga and my Diploma in Yoga Therapy with Enlightened Events. I have also travelled extensively around the world gaining different perspectives and insights about all of the amazing cultures and the beauty of the planet. It has made me look at my life differently here in Australia and appreciate it a lot more.


Having danced for over 18 years Kristy initially turned to yoga as exercise for injury rehabilitation but quickly discovered it was so much more than just the postures. Intrigued she travelled to India to gain an entire modern yogic understanding and completed her yoga teacher training with Dr. Gaurav Malik at the Ashtak Yoga School in Goa. After her teaching training she taught briefly in Thailand before moving to London for a year where she taught in studios, gyms, corporate classes, secondary schools and community classes. Her classes are light-hearted, fun and never too serious.


Martin has a background as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer who dedicated himself to yoga practice as a way to find more richness of body, mind and emotion to enhance life and work as an elite performer. His yoga and movement practices have evolved over the years with him finding great joy in studying a variety of yoga styles. In 2014, Martin completed his yoga teacher training. The principles and passions that shaped Martin as a dancer influence his practice-alignment and technical precision married with the joy of exquisite, comprehensive, organic movement. Marty offers physical practice that is both challenging and nourishing, providing ever deeper union of the elements of the human entity. Martin is passionate about helping people to use their yoga practice to fully inhabit their bodies, their beings, their lives!

Michelle Chan

Michelle discovered yoga when she tried to find a long term solution to back pain resulting from scoliosis. As a competitive swimmer from a young age, she was instantly drawn to the aspects of power vinyasa and bikram yoga. She has since been a regular yoga practitioner and has been continuously thirsty for knowledge and the ongoing development of her practice. She has been fortunate to be under the guidance of many respectable teachers in Queenstown, Auckland, Brisbane and Sydney where she completed her vinyasa yoga teacher training with Body Mind Life. Michelle first came to yoga through asana practice but she has discovered that the practice of yoga is more than physical movement. Yoga to Michelle is a way of life, living with awareness, mindfulness and intention. In her classes you will find her guiding you through a journey of creative and powerful sequencing, uniting the breath and yogic philosophy to deepen your mind body connection.


Hi, I’m Emma! I’m a 500RYT and have experience teaching in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. My path to yoga began when I found myself in a period where I wasn’t well physically or mentally. So I made changes. I swapped out anything that didn’t serve my happiness and said yes to new things – Yoga being one of them. I’ve been practicing every day since and found that my greatest passion is now sharing these physical, mental and emotional benefits with others. So for me yoga is so much more than the poses you might see. It’s a holistic approach on and off the mat. A workout of the mind, body and soul you might say. I like to teach a challenging yet nurturing vinyasa incorporating a playful flow of poses, pranayama, meditation and mantra. Much like my own practice, these classes aren’t complicated or fancy… Just free flowing, feeling, connecting back and tapping into your inner-awesome!


Jasmine has recently moved to Brisbane from Sydney, where she trained and worked for Power Living, benefitting from coaching and mentoring from the senior facilitation team. She has currently undertaken 400 hours of teacher training. Her love of yoga and its ability to transform lives led her to also undertake further training in Yoga Therapy, using key yogic principles to work with an individual to overcome mental and physical health problems. Jasmine teaches a strong, dynamic practice that provides a lot of insights into the anatomy of safe and practical alignment, allowing you to fully understand the ‘why’ behind each pose. The classes will be challenging but also playful, encouraging students to try new approaches to their practice, physically and mentally. Her classes will always come with a line of self-inquiry, encouraging students to go past the asana poses and exploring how to use yoga both on and off the mat. Her favourite thing about yoga is it’s accessibilty to everyone: there’s no right body shape, size or structure – there’s just the individual and the journey. She loves how people are often drawn to yoga for the physical benefits but end up being most benefited by the equanimity it brings to their minds. A long juicy Savasana is her favourite pose for this reason!

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Matt found his passion for Yoga, as a runner who had injured himself while training for a marathon. He thought yoga would just be an awesome way to do some guided stretching, but quickly found out how much more it had to offer, and pretty soon was hooked. Matt loves to teach yoga in a way that makes it available for everybody. He believes that as long as you are practicing safely, challenging yourself a little, and generally getting something positive out of the postures then you are doing yoga well, and it doesn’t matter if any of it looks cool enough for Instagram! So, come along and check out a class with Matt, he’s looking forward to getting to know you and showing you some moves.