About Us

About Us

Raw Power Yoga has Brisbane’s Leading Power Yoga studio. With the Albion Studio open and looking after some of Australia’s leading professional athletes Brisbane Lions, QLD Firebirds and the Brisbane Bronco’s just to name a few our studio’s are highly regarded through out the country. Our modern approach to the traditions and philosophies of yoga creates a space of acceptance and respect to all. We embrace consciousness, connection and freedom.

Our classes are the ideal combination of athleticism with play and are challenging, yet fun. You like a strong, inverted class? Maybe a long, slow and deep stretch? Or an organic ebb and flow? We have a class that will give you what you need, on whichever day you need it.

Raw Power Yoga Teachers understand the necessity of safety and alignment to ensure your well being. We are passionate, dedicated yogi’s who lead by example: we walk the walk and practice beside you.

The Raw Power Yoga studio is brimming with natural light and vibrant energy – this is your space to feel empowered without comparison. Yoga is fun! Strengthen your body, calm your mind and join our community on the mat.

Now you…

What do you need from your yoga practice? Are you sporting an injury? Do you need to de-stress and unwind? Do you want to improve your body shape? Perhaps you need some introspection, time to yourself?

There is a good reason yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years. Modern society can take its toll on us: isolation, stress, ailments and body issues. The practice of yoga allows us to be present, to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and poise. It teaches us to honour our body, accept our limitations and realise we are all more powerful than we could possibly imagine. Yoga offers a sense of belonging, creates an open heart and can even heal. You will learn to calm your mind, develop clarity of thought and decrease mental activity through breathing techniques… hey, one day you may even levitate.

Our classes integrate a physical and mental flow and will provide the tools you need to unleash your potential: mental, physical or spiritual. Become your own guru. Namaste, baby.

ALBION STUDIO 97 Sandgate Rd Albion 4010 ( in The Albion Fine Trades Complex)

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Matt Hass Physical Performance Coordinator Brisbane Lions

Matt Hass Physical Performance Coordinator Brisbane Lions,

Over the previous 12 months the Brisbane Lions have experienced the benefits of Yoga with the help of the Raw Power Yoga team. Simon has worked with our players on a weekly basis since the start of pre-season and their level of improvement has been amazing. Not only have I noticed improved flexibility and joint mobility, but also greater levels of strength endurance around their shoulders, spine and hips which flows on to improved posture and gait.Another fantastic benefit is the awareness that Yoga has brought to the players breathing, which not only assists with the poses, but also helps the players to relax and unwind.I have been so impressed by the level of knowledge that the Raw Power Yoga team possess and their ability to apply their skills to an AFL specific population.

Alex Corvo | Head of Strength and Conditioning
NRMA Insurance Broncos

Alex Corvo | Head of Strength and Conditioning
NRMA Insurance Broncos,

Simon first began instructing yoga to the Broncos in November 2014. Yoga has been extremely beneficial in assisting the team with their recovery from the demands of playing and training and facilitating the regeneration process.

Simon is an awesome instructor and has a real affinity with our boys having been an elite athlete himself. His classes are tailored specifically for the boy’s requirements and his professional, caring nature further strengthens his standing as a practitioner of the highest standards.

The introduction of meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques has helped center our players and reduce any anxiety they maybe experiencing due to the high pressure and stress that comes with being an elite athlete. This was a very new concept to us but now we see the benefits with players being more focused in stressful situations on and off the field

I would recommend Simon for any person or group looking to explore the benefits of yoga.

Jai Hoffman

Jai Hoffman,

Has been my Yoga home for over 3 years. Phenomenal teachers, fantastic energy, all levels welcome. Cannot speak highly enough of Raw Power Yoga .My wife and I knew as soon as we finished our first class that this was our yoga home for life . Just a friendly comforting environment helped improve my yoga practice so much that I did Raws teacher training program and I now am teaching classes .
Thank you Simon and the Raw family